About CAP



About CAP

CentMass Association of Physicians (CAP), an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) established in 1994, is comprised of almost 200 primary care physicians and specialists serving patients throughout north central Massachusetts and south central New Hampshire.

Our mission is to empower physicians in shaping their own future amidst a complex and changing healthcare environment with a continuous commitment to provide high quality, cost effective care.

CAP provides the infrastructure and support necessary — from managing and processing clinical and financial information to researching and disseminating best practices — to help our member physicians effectively manage the quality and cost of health care.

Our patient-focused, physician-led model, coupled with solid data and the appropriate use of resources, allows CAP doctors to maintain the autonomy and flexibility they need to provide personal, state-of-the-art medical care.

Our values include:

  • Continuous effort to improve, calibrate and redesign delivery of care to render it consonant with changes in the health care environment.
  • Implement programs to improve local healthcare delivery.
  • Continuous effort to satisfy the interests of our customers.
  • Capacity to assume and manage risk in conjunction with Managed Care Organizations.
  • Commitment to improve the health status of the entire regional community.
  • Concerted action in support of local health care resources, especially the local hospital system.
  • High quality, cost effective health care providers.
  • Diversity of providers and plurality of practice models.
  • Appropriate utilization of scarce resources.
  • Systems for care management and quality improvement.




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