Primary Care



Primary Care

Pediatricians (children), Internists (adults), and Family Physicians (children and adults) are considered Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), and they will spend time getting to know you and your family. PCPs are trained to take care of most of your health care needs so that together you can work to ensure good health through preventative practices.

Choosing your PCP is easy through our online directory. You will find over 65 physicians whose goal is to provide high quality primary care. Some of our Family Physicians also practice Obstetrics and Gynecology, and we have PCPs with specialty training in Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases and Pulmonology.

Your CAP PCP will see to all of your regular health care needs and, when necessary, refer you to one of the 130 specialists who are part of the CAP family. Our primary care physicians and specialists work closely together to meet all of your family’s health care needs in a personal, hands-on manner.




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